• Current-state analysis, including industry assessments and assessment against competitors.
  • Comparison and contrast of various business models.
  • Development of a profitable sustainability strategy, focusing on specific environmental and social outcomes.
  • Strategic sequencing and timing.
  • Comparison and contrast of various potential technologies for a sustainability strategy.
  • Supply chain analysis.
EcoLens’ research unit is designed to challenge conventional assumptions of business leaders and policy makers. The firm’s research combines various disciplines to provide insights that inform organizational strategies.

Research topics of current interest include:

  • analysis of sustainability guidelines
  • strategic responses to environmental challenges such as global warming
  • the use of sustainability as a major source of competitive advantage
  • best practices in university sustainability programs
  • the effectiveness of life cycle analysis techniques
  • organizational responses to cap and trade
  • and, master planning with a sustainability lens
EcoLens also produces white papers that are either client-specific or publicly available.