The EcoLens Network

Who we are:  The EcoLens Group is a network of affiliate companies that work together to deliver sustainability services and solutions – organizational, management, and technical services and solutions related to environmental sustainability.  We provide solutions that cut through the confusing options for responding to climate change and environmental regulations and, at the same time, decreasing an organization’s carbon footprint. Collectively, EcoLens has more than 15,000 people working worldwide on specific organizational issues.

EcoLens provides the full suite of technical services that are offered by other large regional engineering and consulting firms and are capable of researching, advising, and engineering the most basic to complex environmental issues that an organization faces.  We differentiate ourselves by bringing together a network of the best technical, management, and academic resources from a diverse group of consultants, engineers, architects, and academics.  

Our focus is on the Southeast, USA.  We take full advantage of the research and education benefits offered through the university system.  Though our architectural and design, engineering, education, and management consulting service offerings, EcoLens’ links strategy with environmental sustainability.  We leverage each affiliate’s resources to offer the best integrated client solutions at affordable prices.   Also, our network’s experience across the world creates world-class offerings for any problem a client faces.