Core Principles and Values

EcoLens values the principles and practices related to organizational learning and focuses on increasing an organization’s potential to respond to future changes.  Above all EcoLens offers a balanced approach to social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and profitability.  In doing so, EcoLens has adopted the following principles and values to guide its work.

Do No Harm

  • Put the interest of clients, their community and region ahead of EcoLens’ own by delivering more value than expected and focusing on meaningful, strategic leveraging of resources and investments.
  • Value diversity in all of the work that EcoLens performs as a fundamental principle of thriving living systems.
  • Leverage the greatest benefits through a systemic thinking at the corporate strategy level.

Truth and Integrity

  • Tell the truth as EcoLens sees it, grounded in research and analysis, and delivering impartial and unconventional insights.
  • Always respect client confidentiality and commit to absolute integrity in EcoLens’ approach.
  • Both the client and EcoLens have accountability for mutually agreed-upon results.


  • View sustainability as a fundamental challenge and a tremendous opportunity for business, municipal and organizational leadership.
  • Work in a manner that increases organizational efficiency and capacity while increasing the longevity of vital human and ecological systems.
  • Radically increase the productivity of resource use and chart a clear path of transition in a period of global transformation from a fossil fuel, carbon-based industrial era to a new era of innovation.