What Is EcoLens

EcoLens Group examines public and private businesses, municipalities, universities, research parks and other organizations through a sustainability lens and helps them define core strategies.

EcoLens is a boutique firm focused on the Southeast with a highly sophisticated hands-on approach. EcoLens uses its analytical thinking, proprietary research and educational processes to accelerate the shift toward value creation through sustainable principles and systems thinking.  Through its network of resource providers, EcoLens also offers a wide range of technical expertise to help implement audits, measurements, and designs related to triple bottom line goals. 

EcoLens educates and consults with executive teams, boards of directors, government officials and neighborhood groups and responds about issues and opportunities associated with environmental footprint, climate change, energy management, and a carbon-constrained economy. The firm’s work is supported by extensive research, targeted studies of the competitive landscape, a network of experts in sciences and business and a never-ending focus on educating clients.